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Nike is about to launch a special WMNS Roshe Run Woven designed specifically for the Nagoya marathon. The shoes don't note color like a kaleidoscope of gorgeous, pink / Blue / blue three color gradient mix with simple white shoes soles, insoles, heel has prominent Cherry Blossom seasonal theme. The Nagoya marathon WMNS Roshe Run Woven Saibie will hit shelves in some shops next month. 2013-1-24 08:28 upload download attachment (89.86, KB) 2013-1-24 08:28 upload download attachment (69.18, KB) 2013-1-24 08:28 upload download attachment (104.59, KB) 2013-1-24 08:28 upload download attachment (124.82, KB) adidas's regional brand Adidas Originals releases David, Beckham, x, James, Bond, ZX800 sneakers. David Beckham is det Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ermined to get involved in the fashion circle has been well-known, a series of products before cooperation with Adidas launched Originals brand was also sought after, this once again joined the west coast of the United States famous brand Undefeated host James Bond launched ZX800 sports shoes. Unlike previous clover products, the designers did not allow the adidas brand logo of three bars appear in the shoes on both sides, but in silver mesh simple instead, which is perhaps the designers want the visual focus consumers focus on product design rather than the brand itself. I think. Blue suede material points in the texture of deerskin, white bottom and golden brand logo spotted pattern touch in detail. This sneaker will be on sale at the A cheap jordans online didas Originals designated store.near the start of the season, on exposure visvim new course gone, plus recently in Wan Chai, Hong Kong FIL anniversary exhibition, let visvim top brand popularity and stomping again. Following the earlier exposure to the latest footwear GRIZZLY BOOT season preview, the recently released OVERDOPE site again this pair of boots trump card details brand image, in addition to the exposure of pink on the back, there are still more conservative and engaging in denim color and mud color, equipped to do the old antique full grain leather, let GRIZZLY texture even more rough, but with the debut, there has also been exposed earlier YUCCA MOC FOLK, we launched several different colors, including blue color, brown the cheap jordan shoes for men most attention, is about to open in August season, you wait and see! Source: OVERDOPE & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;& nbsp; Jordan Brand released the 2013 Year of the Snake series, also based on the theme of the Lunar New Year commemorative section, but Jordan Brand design than ot Retro jordans for sale her juggle the pattern or color of the shoes better, this time YOTS ( Year of the Snake) New special sixth sense to snakes inspired hair like, to determine combinations of colors by the foot of a thermal map, then brilliant bright red, bright orange, dark blue and so they formed a vivid and full dynamic 3D thermal maps, plus suede and leather set off each other, the idea quite unique! Suit MELO M9 and includes a pair of air jordan 1 High, Kit is priced at US $ 280 (about HK $ 2,172), listed on the major retailers are expected very soon, you may wish to look at it. & nbsp;[Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] This is the Baidu search promotion "whole 10 years," the decade, Baidu to "everyone equal achievement" for the mission, to provi cheap jordans for sale mens de solutions for many online marketing companies. decade, made significant achievements in marketing on Baidu promotion platform business are numerous, they grow together with Baidu, Baidu let their proud achievement. To this end we have introduced a decade business leaders searching dialogues, Secret growth story of their search marketing behind it. distance at 0:00 on December 21, 2011 is even worse a few minutes, a total of 100 pairs AirJordan'XIRetro 'Concord will accept online reservations after 0:00, before these shoes have been friends so hot, this dual time separated 11 years later Jordan sneakers so many fans have waited a long the neck. not beyond people's expectations, in 2 minutes 13 seconds, 100 pairs of shoes were al cheap foamposites l fans across the country looted. This is just one of Nike's online store sales success stories, and referred to the Nike online store, I have to mention Nike's marketing partner in China - Baidu. It is complementary and Baidu cooperation in recent years, Nike in China's development has gradually like a duck, while its operations soon online store also has a good momentum of development, but all these dates back to before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. impressive win-win cooperation In 2007, a period of vigorous development of China's Internet, but more crucially, 2008 is the first time in the history of China hosting the Olympic Games of the year. As the world's leading sports brands - Nike, naturally will not miss this opportunity t Cheap air jordans for sale o extend its brand development. Then Baidu in the Chinese search engine market has begun to show dominant trend, while the trend of the world network, but also to select Baidu as Nike began marketing its expanded range of preferred partner. Before Olympics, Nike began between Baidu and all-round cooperation in the Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, Baidu Encyclopedia can find Nike's shadow. Nike brand communication media is responsible for Huang Ting said in an interview, said: "Although China's Internet development compared to the United States and other developed countries is relatively backward, but the company attaches great importance to have a large potential market demand of Internet users." Nike also want the opportunity to borrow th Retro jordans for sale e Beijing Olympics to promote the brand image and philosophy, thus further expanding young people's knowledge and awareness of sports for sports brand in China. Select Baidu is a good opportunity to expand more channels, but also have access to more young people, including young second and third tier cities. After that, Nike has on June 9, 2009 announced a high profile and innovative brand marketing cooperation strategy Baidu. The two sides take on branding mode different than in the past, not only Nike brand sports content and integrate its content is presented in the official website, but also to maximize the Nike brand Zone implant Baidu, Baidu Wikipedia and other user traffic aggregation Multi-information products and achieve offici cheap jordans for sale al website, product lines, advertising, event isochronous exposure. This year has also become iconic sports marketing events. and Baidu Post Bar cooperation National High School Football League is a classic example of this period of cooperation. At that time every where high school students league race school in Baidu Post Bar has one of their own paste it in this bar in each school can organize their team, and each paste it which will have a Nike LOGO, Nike brand activities bulletin fences. Subsequently, these school teams within the scope of the organization's brand, to compete among each other. Through the game, these schools varsity some star players have been selected Nike regard, more in-depth competition and training. In this w Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ay, Nike quickly established a foundation of young people in various schools. Nike Baidu's cooperation so far has been getting better. Recently, Baidu Data Research published a study in 2011 in the third quarter sportswear industry. Statistics found that in the search for major sports apparel brands aspect, Nike is still the most Internet users concerned about the sports apparel brand, with 27.76 percent of the attention, first, the ring than in the second quarter rose 1.35%, the average daily search index 22.9 million. promising e-commerce marketing is the precise direction With the deepening and development of bilateral cooperation, ways of cooperation are constantly changing. "In addition to simple keyword marketing and brand marketing area, we hope to Baidu and Nike combine to become essential to life netizens sports experts and any knowledge, products or training and sports-related information, game etc. can get in on this one platform. "Huang Ting says," We believe that Baidu's development and the needs of the Nike brand is synchronized, simply from the original Nike advertising, the audience passively accept, and now there are many new social form, we hope to further interaction and consumers, is not limited to the original I hear you say. Among the existing marketing system, Nike attaches great importance to feedback from users, and Baidu to help us hear more from the consumer the voices. " at the end of 2010, the tide of the consumer market, Nike has also set up a Chinese online store. And after nearly a year of operation, Nike fiscal 2011 second quarter earnings data may already reflect operating results online store to a considerable extent. December 21, Nike released the fiscal 2011 second quarter earnings report shows that Nike's second quarter net profit of $ 469 million, up 2.6 percent from $ 457 million the same period last year. Sales of the company's sales in emerging markets were up 26 percent, which grew 28% in the Chinese market. Online sales are zero-based change. "Baidu online store for enhancing performance is a big influence." Huang Ting said, "online mall greatly dependent on the Baidu platform, if there is consumer-oriented product search terms, we must first push to Nike's online store, so online shopping mall is a 40% to 50% of the guide from Baidu's traffic. " But Huang Ting said that the current online store sales account for only about 5% of total sales in China. The continuous development of e-commerce shopping trends include companies, including Nike, are optimistic about the future. future, Nike also want to continue to challenge the limits of Baidu, Baidu will help Nike hoped to find a more accurate consumer groups. Nike also hope for the future in online sales, while the unique brand concept through online more channels passed on to consumers, while increasing the intensity of female users to buy Nike online store. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)

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